The Argus Grand Hotel

April 1, 2010 - Design

Located in downtown Seattle, the Argus Grand Hotel is subtle yet luxuriously sleek—the hotel design is a mix of clean classic lines with bold punctuations of color and style. The hotel understands that taste is as much a question of well-articulated design as it is of location, and this explains why the luxury hotel fits so perfectly among its neighbors.

Inside, the feeling is tranquil and just a little bit decadent. The super-spacious central atrium offers an airy vaulted core reminiscent of grand cathedrals as well as Hitchcockian mid-20th century public buildings like the old Penn Station or the Singer Building. A mix of mystery and lush precision defines the Argus, creating an atmosphere unparalleled in other Seattle accommodation.

A standard room at the Argus Grand would be a mini-suite, with 1 bedroom and a small living area. Patrons can visit the on-site cigar bar, Castro’s, or order room service from them at extra cost. The Argus Grand also provides cleaning and concierge services. Security consists of private security guards, security cameras in public areas, biometric maglocks and drones.

Categories: Comforts (High), Entertainment(Low), Necessities (Middle), Neighborhood (High), Security (Middle)

Daily Cost: 200¥
Availability: 8

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