Random Location – The Alleyway

August 15, 2010 - Random Tables

Set Pieces

Roll 1d6.

1. Nothing
2.Dumpster (Random chance of 1d6 Devil Rats).
3. Door (Maglock Rating 1d6) + Barred Windows
4. Vagrant and a Burning Barrel.
5. Refuse and Feral Dog (Combat Encounter, roll 1d6, on a 6 the Feral dog is a Hellhound)
6. Graffiti and roll 1d6, on 6 a Spirit of Man (Force 1d6) is present.

End of the Alley

Roll 1d6 twice to determine what is at either end of the alleyway.

1-3:  Open
4-5:  Chain-link Gate
6:  Brick Wall (Roll on Set Pieces Table again).

One thought on “Random Location – The Alleyway


No problem. I designed it so that I’ll always have a varied alley location for when the Shadowrunners end up in an alley. I suspect they’ll come to fear the Hellhound and Force 6 Spirit of Man and start to regard the Alleyway as the proverbial fire.


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