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October 22, 2010 - General

Blackjacks Shadowrun Page and Blackjack’s Corner on the Shadowrun Archive were one of the few Shadowrun resources on the internet when I started playing  Shadowrun. Countless games have been influenced by Blackjack’s articles – From “Having money without spending it” to “Mr Information”, my players have someone to thank for all the problems they have encountered.

No longer updated and only accessible by the Wayback Machine, I’m linking Blackjack’s Shadowrun Page and Blackjack’s Corner here because I still refer to them but also so other GMs can rediscover one of Shadowrun’s iconic grognards.

Amendment: Blackjacks Shadowrun Page is back and can be found at

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Oh, thank you so much for preserving Blackjack’s data. I used his site incessantly during the last 1990’s to run Shadowrun games. I got the urge recently to try to put something together (even though I have moved and have no players) and looked him up. Glad to have found this site.


    Blackjack’s Shadowrun Page is back!! (I’m trying to steer people away from the archive site because some of the, well, ‘words’ I used are the kind that get you lynched today.


Since this is the first page to pop-up when you search for “Blackjack’s Shadowrun Page” on Google, I wanted any readers to know that BLACKJACK’S SHADOWRUN PAGE IS BACK!

    Stuart Duncan

    Welcome back BJ! I’ve updated the post to reflect your new site.


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