Murdering Cops is a Bad Idea

October 15, 2011 - General

Knight Errant officers may be corrupt and racist but that doesn’t mean they disappear when you murder them. They always have friends and family who will come to their aid if needed. Often this support is from unexpected sources, like the officer who is an active member of Humanis or the one who runs a protection racket for the Triads. Both of these officers expect assistance beyond KE when something happens to them.

Of course that is the long term ramification of murdering an officer. While committing the act expect the officer to call for backup, a lot of backup. Support might be minutes away but it’s only a commlink call to alert the entire Knight Errant Seattle branch of your presence. An officer who is down or wounded could expect to receive drones and magical support, turning a quick kill into a siege if you’re still there.

Maybe you got away and the KE forensics team is picking over the crime scene including the digital footage (which includes entries and exits). If they find a trace of evidence to justify the expense of tracking you down you qualify for the Wanted negative quality. If the shadows hear of your deeds, a point of notoriety as well. This notoriety could prevent you from scoring the more professional, higher paying jobs later in your career.

I’m not suggesting a police officer is untouchable but they have resources available to them that extended beyond their death. If you need to murder one then you need to strangle them of their resources first. Poison his friends against him, cut him off from backup, choose your killing field, make time to clean up. Killing an cop should be a run, not an encounter.


Knight Errant Patrol Officer (Average)
Protecting the people of Seattle since Knight Errant won the contract. The patrol officer is often corrupt and racist and will find any excuse to extort a few dollars out of a young elf or troll.

3 3 2 3 2 2 2 3 2 6 4 1


Condition Monitor (Physical): 10
Condition Monitor (Stun): 10

Active Skills: Clubs 2, Dodge 2, Etiquette 2, Intimidation 3, Perception 2, Running 2, Unarmed Combat 2 (Subdual Combat +2)
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Rumors 2, Security Systems 3, Police Procedures 3, Law (UCAS) 2
Gear: 3 doses of Jazz, Commlink (Rating 3), Stun Baton, Colt Manhunter, Armor Jacket, Respirator (Rating 2), Glasses (Rating 1,  Image Link)
Qualities: Prejudiced (Metahumans, Biased or Outspoken)

Life (roll 1d6)

  1. 1: Jazz no longer does it for this officer. Add an additional dose of Kamikaze (SR4A, pg 258).
  2. 2: Smartlinked. Add Smartlink, Glasses (Rating 2, Image link, Smartlink) and Ares Predator.
  3. 3: Racism in the force. The officer is an Ork (+3 BOD, +2 STR) and other officers often leave him out in the cold. Increase all backup response times.
  4. 4: Just married. The officer has a reason to go home tonight and is avoiding any trouble.
  5. 5: Side job. The officer has taken his corruption one step further and is in bed with the 1-2 Mafia, 3-4, Yakusa, 5-6 Humanis.
  6. 6: On the sauce. The officer has had one to many and is looking for a fight. Roll another 1d6, on a 6 he will call in backup and try to lynch one of the PCs. Either for being a metahuman or lovin’ a metahuman. -1 dice for all tests while the officer is inebriated.

2 thoughts on “Murdering Cops is a Bad Idea

Sean Holland

I always figured killing any security personnel is a bad idea if you can avoid it. If you get a rep as a cop killer, they are not going to even bother to try and take you alive if you run afoul of the law(s).

I never pictured KE as particularly racist, that seems like a bad business call in the Sixth World.

The Dood

@Sean: I agree but I also envision that in the 6th world there might be scenarios were a corporation doesn’t want any external investigation (raids on secret delta clinics being one.). This would make it difficult for the corp to exert continuous pressure on the PCs. Repeated attacks on the same corp would be another story but by and large, a revenge attack would not make economical sense.

However, KE and Lone Star and in the business of protecting people and having one of their own gunned down doesn’t look good to their customers. They’re also in the business of investigating and convicting criminals. It makes more sense to me that they would spend their resources finding a runner that takes out an officer.

This article was written in response to one of my players taking out two surveillance officers in our last game. I’m not sure of what other avenues he could of taken – that is the nature of zero prep sandbox games but I’m also not sure killing them was the only action he could of taken. I’m also running a noir styled game so it thematically appropriate that the police force at large is corrupt and racist. This is a departure from canon I know.


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