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February 4, 2012 - General

Shadowrun books were once a must-purchase for me but once I had acquired the core books, other releases quickly became PDF purchases either due to quality or exclusivity (the E-Book line for example). This coupled with my disinterest in the current version of Dungeons and Dragons my RPG budget has been free to spend on other games.  Unfortunately, finding the time to play these other games has been difficult and the games have been gathering dust on my desk. Fortunately, this looks to change in 2012 as I’m finding I have a lot more free time lately.

So what’s on my desk ready to be played and what do I intend to do with them?

So what of Shadowrun?

The group has played 1 game this year and I think we all felt a bit let down at the end of it. This coupled with life has left us unable to get together for a game. However, things are looking brighter, I’ve convinced one of the players to run a few games of SR so that I can play (in return for a few games of 4E) and I’m refocusing on what’s important to me as the GM. So if you have been coming here for some SR goodness then expect things to resume sooner rather than later.



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I need to pick up some gangers, but I’m pretty keen for a Necromunda game.


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