Mission Essentials: The Extraction

April 15, 2012 - Mission Essentials

I’m developing the mission essentials feature of the blog to provide gamemasters with a mission distilled to it’s core components. Its hoped this will allow sandbox gamemasters to rapidly generate missions as the core components present themselves in game while Non-sandbox gamemasters can use this as a template while preparing for a game. For the first mission essentials I present the extraction – the mission where the PCs need to abduct or free a person from hostile forces and bring them to a pre-defined drop-off point.

The Target
The target of the extraction is a live metahuman who the PCs have been tasked to move from one location to another. Often this is because the PC’s employer wants something that the target can provide that a simple data steal wont. This might be the target’s potential worth, information only they know or the organs inside them. (live metahumans keep organs fresher than iceboxes.) Regardless of the reason the target has been selected for an extraction only one factor is important: how willing they are.

Important Locations
The two most important locations in an extraction mission is the target’s origin or pick-up location and the destination or drop-off point. There might be additional locations the PCs need to reach before the drop-off but these are complications in the mission and shouldn’t feature in every extraction.

The Opposition
The opposition during an extraction will be the target’s former allies. If they realized how important the target was they may already have counter-extraction measures in place like bodyguards and tracking devices.

If the PCs successfully extract the target then the opposition will attempt to discern the drop-off location if they have the resources available. If they are successful in this approach then this will allow them to set-up an ambush and retrieve the target. Alternatively, the opposition will want to stay in contact with the magmatic rough astral space, the matrix and physically if needed.

If the opposition is unable to retrieve the target and deems the perceived risk of his extraction to high then they may order his execution. Better to lose six months of research than be beaten tohave your own research patented by a competitor.

A list of possible complications that could affect the party’s success. The list is not comprehensive and other complications are possible.


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