When Sandbox play leads to campaign death.

June 2, 2012 - Actual Play

Last week’s game signalled the end of our current Shadowrun camapaign. What ended our campaign was the shifting ideas about what the game should be about and this manaifested in the PCs deciding not to pay for a suit to attend a high level Yakuza meet and instead hack a menswear store to steal one. Unfortunately things went bad and PC-on-PC vehicular manslaughter and 2 separate uses of “the hand of god” rule later and 1 out of 3 PCs was free. The fourth PC who already had a suit didn’t have the support to complete the mission and consequently died. This game featured all of the facets that my tech-noir sandbox had devolved into and I’m not surprised that the PCs didn’t survive the game. It was these facets that dealt the killing blow to the campaign, so what went wrong?

We begin a new game in a week and being our second campaign together we all have a better idea of what to expect. To ensure this campaign doesn’t devolve I’ve brought back the 20 questions and personalized them for the game I’ll be running and restricted the campaign to Tacoma to focus on organized crime. SO far everyone is a lot more in sync and I expect this one to go well so expect more updates in the future.

One thought on “When Sandbox play leads to campaign death.


We may have died, but it was still enjoyable.

I’m pretty hopeful for this new campaign, though I still need to give Seattle 2072/New Seattle a read.


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