Gang War

October 29, 2012 - Actual Play

I’m in the process of collecting together my contributions to the Shadowrun community over the years. More to have my ideas and notes in one place than anything else but it’s also interesting to see what I now do differently. Like most of my contributions this one is from Dumpshock. I still use the Seaview apartments as a shitty hotel one step up from a coffin motel but don’t use go-gangers as much as I would like. The hostility of the initial meet has definitely become a signature of mine much like John Woo and doves.

Warning: These are loose notes very much in the style of how I prep my games. Getting from A to B (or figuring out A and B) might not make much sense but that’s the players problem.

The Meet
You were meant to meet Johnny Chang, a triad, for a job at the Seaview apartments (Close to the barrens, it lacks both). Instead a large fat man wearing a dirty singlet and y-fronts opens the door.
“What yer want?”, he asks as your phone rings.
“Put Mickey on.” Chang states.
Handing the phone to Mickey, Mickey does nothing but listen to the receiver
[Perception test to notice the change in Mickey’s demeanor, from annoyed to scared to hatred.]
“I’ll get my coat.” Mickey says, as he hands you the phone before walking off.
“I want the fat man dead, and the cocaine and money ready to go when I get there. If you’re unarmed, he keeps a shotgun in the closet.” Chang says before hanging up.

Mickey, Average Threat, Maybe armed with a shotgun.

When the combat finishes.
Mickey lies with a hole in his lungs, panting for breath when you hear movement behind you. Looking behind you see a half-dressed elvish teenager of Asian descent staring at you in shock.

Sandra, No Threat.

GM Notes: Johnny Chang now has one of the PCs on tape murdering Mickey, and possibly Sandra then collecting the drugs and money.

Your phone rings again, its Chang.

Infiltrate the CMB (Cash Money Brothers) and take out Mr. Fabulous’ brother G Money. The CMB control the market share of the cocaine trade in Seattle. Johnny Chang is hoping that taking out G Money will cause a gang war and increase his cocaine sales, which lately have been too small to notice.

The Jade Dragon
Chinese Deli
The Jade Dragon is the headquarters for a group of triads under Johnny Chang’s control. It is here that the characters will first meet Johnny Chang in person and where the drive-by shooting will occur. In one of the back rooms several triad deckers operate Johnny Chang’s matrix business. To get access to the triad host, personas must take a backdoor through the deli’s online ordering system.

Chang offers one of the PCs a free apartment, near the Seaview apartments in exchange for dealing cocaine in the area. If one of them accepts, he will tell the PC that once this job is over to give him a call and he’ll arrange everything.

The Drive-by Shooting
The PCs meet Johnny Chang in person, the CMB has heard rumors of what Johnny Chang is planning and has put word on the street that they want him dead. Chang, hiding out in little Chinatown is normally protected by the populace out of fear for the triads but some down on their luck go-gangers find Johnny and open fire whilst the PCs are meeting with him in a Chinese deli.

“The window glass shatters, filling your short soup with blood and glass. A street kid stands outside the window, reloading an Uzi.” PCs and Chang all take a light wound, with fragments of glass lodged in their face and blood obscuring their vision. Chang’s first reaction will be to make a withdrawal from the deli, only firing to aid his escape. The owner of the deli and his daughter are both dead.

Go-Gangers(3), average threat, armed with submachine guns and driving Yamaha Rapiers.

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