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June 6, 2013 - Reviews

DapperDevilLogoA few months ago I purchased 150 pistol ammo tokens from Dapper Devil and immediately my group got conscious of the impact shooting people had and didn’t fire a shot for several sessions. Luckily our last session saw several full-auto attacks, a few burst fires and a couple of single shots so I really got to use the tokens and I’m pleasantly surprised to find I won’t be using them as I intended. ¬†

The reason I purchased the tokens is because I never kept track of the ammo expended during a game ever. Your massive damage pistol is balanced by being single shot, I don’t care fire it every round. When I started running more tech-noir influenced games it became important to me to track ammo. Originally I had intended players to cash in their tokens when they fired a shot but unfortunately tracking ammo was derided¬† by my players. Taking matters into my own hands I started to drop tokens in front of them as they stormed a triad base despite their protests. What I enjoyed seeing was the pile of spent cartridges building up in front of the players as they attacked the base. This was especially evident with the street sam who forgot that his assault rifle comes in SA and BF modes and sprayed full auto shots everywhere. As a GM it’s great that I can quickly glance at a pile of tokens and estimate your current ammo without having to lean over and find that special spot only you know on your character sheet.

Overall the tokens are high quality silhouettes of bullets rendered in white on brown or black on white. The plastic used in manufacturing the tokens feels durable with an outline of a bullet engraved in each one. The inking of the engraving is consistent across the tokens I received and overall I can’t fault the production quality of the tokens. However the high quality factors into the unit cost of the tokens and at $0.69 USD each I held off purchasing them for many months.¬† The tokens are a luxury purchase for any Shadowrun game because you will require a lot but definitely added to my enjoyment GMing last week’s game.



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I didn’t really feel the tokens added much besides “flavour”, but that just may be because none of us expended a full clip.

I can definitely see how going “OK I take another shot at the bad guy” and having you say “Click. Your clip is empty” could be fun, though.

Works, meet spanner.


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