5th Edition Food Fight

August 14, 2013 - Actual Play, Shadowrun 5E

It has been difficult to get a game of Shadowrun together because the group has been occupied with other things. Fortunately (barring server room shenanigans) the group had the chance to play last weekend and we decided to run the 5th edition of Food Fight using the core rulebook pregens. Despite this being the first 5th edition game we had played I modified the scenario slightly by changing the floor plan of the McHughs to a more contemporary concept store and placed the hostage in an undocumented subterranean basement. In the interest of fair play I also removed the roof mounted defences and the NPC Decker from the encounter as only the Troll Bounty Hunter and Human Combat Mage showed up to rescue the girl.

The scenario gave me a good feeling of the system and the challenges I’m likely to face albeit without the matrix or drone rules coming into play. One major hurdle I had was finding the drain resistance test attributes. They’re not included in the drain rules but instead they’re located in the Magic Tradition sidebars. This coupled with the other useability issues I’ve previously found it’s becoming obvious that the formatting of the core rulebook is going to make referencing the rules challenging.

Another area that received some criticism from the players was the combat success tests and the amount of dice rolling involved to simply see if you hit and how much damage you inflicted. The criticism was valid as the test involves rolling to hit, rolling to dodge, and rolling damage resistance (at its simplest). Gming previous editions I usually disregarded the dodge roll for NPCs and have lately run games with a reduced dice pools. This provided a stark contrast to Shadowrun 5E’s dice pools with the Troll Tank pregen capable of rolling 37 dice to resist damage. Despite these criticisms the group and I quite enjoyed the way Food Fight and the 5th edition of the rules played out. Magic seems to be simpler whilst drain became harsher and the combat remained fluid and interesting with some of the weaker NPCs proving difficult for the PCs with some good dice rolling.

One thought on “5th Edition Food Fight

Jimmy Crisis

You know, thinking about your other post on combat, I realized that I’ve always been tolerant of Shadowrun’s long combat procedure because the game is highly lethal. In my Pathfinder game, a high level NPC had to be shot and stabbed a good ten, fifteen times before he went down. On the other hand, I’ve never seen a shadowrun NPC survive more than four attacks, and he was an invisible mage with a barrier up.

Can you imagine a highly-lethal game with D&D attack procedure? “Oh, looks like the orc hits you, you’re dead. What does everyone else do on the surprise round?” Sounds like a nightmare.


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