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November 28, 2013 - General

Leading up to Christmas the group traditionally gets tied up in family commitments so we end up missing games. In the past this has resulted in people missing whole sections of a campaign or TPKs (what do you mean the decker isn’t coming?) so instead we switch to something a bit more lighthearted. Last year it was LOTFP’s The God that Crawls and this year the plan is to play some Dungeon World. I look forward to trying different systems during Christmas and I’m even more excited to hand over the GM reins for a while (The horse responsible for organizing the group is still mine though :(). I plan on playing Dungeon World’s take on the Barbarian. I particularly like the rules around the Barbarian’s appetites and the option of being heavily armored or unencumbered. Dungeon World’s system also favors fluff over crunch so I’m looking forward to really embellishing my character.

When I won’t be playing Dungeon World this Christmas I’ll probably be logged into Eve Online. I’ve played Eve Online on and off for the last 5 years and it’s only been in the last 12 months were I’ve discovered the die hard attraction that so many other people have for the game. Before I started playing again this year I would have considered myself an industrial character, a war profiteer who sold ammunition to in-game corporations on the field of battle. Luckily this allowed me to participate in the landmark events of Eve’s history from the front lines. However, I was always one of thousands and in late 2012 the Shadowrun group decided to strike out on our own and form our own corporation – The Boar’s Head Group.

Now I’m part of a small group of pirates preying on those industrial characters I used to be a part of. Being part of a smaller group and in some cases flying solo has meant that my goals are my own and every failure hasn’t been cushioned by someone’s welfare program. This has forced me to learn the intricacies of Eve to a previously unknown detail and renewed my excitement for the game.

How about you, what are your gaming plans this Christmas?

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So, we played Dungeon World and it definitely rewards players who are proactive. You and Steve have obviously had a lot of experience DM’ing and it showed in the way that you created on-the-fly plot hooks that added to the adventure!


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