Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

January 31, 2014 - Friends and Foes
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

A Porn Star, a Drug Addict and a Rockergirl, 3 non-player characters for Shadowrun.

Johnny Horsepower
Human Porn star
Johnny Horsepower is more than just a man, he’s an entire marketing line. Johnny Horsepower first exploded on the scene when he hired a group of shadowrunners to record him breaking into a jewelry store sans clothes and have sex with the actors posing as employees. Rumours that Johnny Horsepower phoned the cops while skydiving into the jewelry store are all but confirmed by the shadow community. Since his first mainstream simsense, Johnny Horsepower has developed his own line of penile prostheses as well as performing in more daring simsense adventures.

The player’s will typically be approached by one of Johnny’s servants with a bodyguard job that suits their particular talents. If they agree to listen to the proposal they will be asked to sign an NDA before being introduced to Johnny Horsepower himself. The players will then discover that the job is merely a side to Johnny’s own mission that has had the danger and exposure turned up to eleven.

Dwarf Drug Addict
Formally a street shaman of some repute, the Rat left Dizzy a long time ago as he burnt out on drugs. Now he’s commonly found sifting through refuse looking for something to eat after spending his last nuyen on a fix. Dizzy finds a lot of low value pay data in the trash whilst looking for food and he sells it with dream of saving enough to get into a corporate rehab program. These dreams are always short-lived however, as the withdrawal symptoms kick in.

The Player Characters will find Dizzy rummaging through the trash in the barrens looking for food, but inevitability finding some salariman’s stolen commlink. He’s a good source of magical knowledge, pay data and street rumours and is easily manipulated by the promise of rehab or more drugs.

Elven Rocker
With Glitter’s hidden technomancy ability allowing her to produce unbelievable AR mixes, Glitter and the Hate Titans are the latest breakout sensation to hit the barrens. In the shadows however they are developing a reputation for performing destruction runs on Horizon and it’s subsidiaries. Fortunately for the group no one has been able to establish a motive for the targeted attacks.
The players will find Glitter and her band at one of the dive bars on the edge of the barrens. She’s happy to aid the players with her technomancy if she believes the job will destroy Horizon assets.

4 thoughts on “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Sean Holland

Some good stuff there, much craziness could ensue with Johnny Horsepower (you need a catchphrase for him).

But the Glitter section looks like it needs to be edited, a bunch of duplication in the first paragraph.

    Stuart Duncan

    Thanks Sean. Looks like an early draft made it through to the final article.

    As for catchphrases can you think of any good ones?

Steve Simenic

I like it, but shadowrunners agreeing to an NDA?

    Stuart Duncan

    Sir, Johnny Horsepower is an established star with many fans and think of the exposure this will give you and your career. Now, would you want a supporting actor to leak the movie when your an AAA star like Johnny Horsepower. I didn’t think so.

    So if you will just sign here we can make your dreams come true.


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