Random Police Encounters

March 22, 2014 - Random Tables
Random Police Encounters

Random encounters with Knight Errant, a contracted police force for Shadowrun, the role playing game.

Roll D6 +/- neighborhood modifiers.

# Name Description
-1 Effigy A gang has captured a Knight Errant officer and strung him up. They’re collecting refuse to make a pyre and proselytizing to a growing crowd as KE helicopters fly overhead. As the PC’s are deciding what to do they’re illuminated by an overhead searchlight.
0 Quarantine The PCs have accidentally stumbled into a quarantined area. Knight Errant Officers in protective gear beat the sick back at the marked exits and shoot those that attempt to slip through.
1 Brutality The PCs witness an Knight Errant officer beating an adolescent child over a suspected theft.
2 Riot The PCs are caught between a large group of rioters and an equally large group of Knight Errant officers as tear gas and neurostun grenades land at their feet.
3 Shakedown Knight Errant officers are conducting random searches in the area using rating d6 sensors
4 Mistaken Identity Knight Errant officers believe one of the PCs is responsible for a magical duel that left another mage dead.
5 Car Crash The sounds of sirens fill the air as a go-ganger speeds past the PCs, almost crashing into them. The second vehicle, a high pursuit police car isn’t so lucky and crashes into a nearby (1-2. Person, 3-4. Car, 5-6, Building). A hand emerges from the wreckage holding a photo begging for the PCs to take it before the car explodes.
6 Corrupt The PCs witness a Knight Errant officer receiving a shipment of contraband from the Yakuza. Problem is his partner saw the PCs looking.
7 Escort Knight Errant is escorting a high profile dignitary through the streets of Seattle. Several areas along the PC’s path are blockaded and have extra surveillance. If the dignitary is the latest Rockerboy to hit Horizon’s Top 10 then the PCs can expect crowds as well.
8 Suicide? A women falls from a high rise building and lands at the PC’s feet, dying on impact. If the PC’s look up they see a man briefly looking over a balcony as Knight Errant drones arrive on the scene and asks them to remain so they can get a statement.

This random police encounter table is designed to be used with the encounter tables and the neighborhood tables (e.g. Z Security rating -2, AAA Security rating +2) found in Mr Johnson’s Black Book, a sourcebook for Shadowrun Third Edition.

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