Random Gang Encounters

April 5, 2014 - Random Tables
Random Gang Encounters

Random gang encounters for Shadowrun, the role playing game.

Roll D6 +/- neighborhood modifiers.

# Name Description
-1  BBQ Attracted by the smell of fresh BBQ, the PCs have stumbled into an area controlled by a gang of sadistic cannibals. The gang is  a mix of HMHVV infected and non-infected alike who have just finished preparing their latest kill. The victim’s flesh is arrayed across a makeshift grill while his gore-covered cyberware sits piled to the side.
0 Poker The PC’s have just crashed a poker game being played by a group of Dissemblers and the leader offers them the choice to play for their lives or die now.
1 Flash Mob Provoked by steely glares, 2 rival gangs (2d6 v 2d6 gang members) start a shootout with the PCs in middle.
2 Street Race An adhoc street race is being run before Knight Errant shows up. The PCs are welcome to challenge any of the go-gangers for fame and glory.
3 Tagged In the local vicinity of the PCs, the AR landscaping begins to take on a whimsical and lurid nature as a local Matrix gang hacks the local nodes. As the crowd stands bemused at the event the younger members of the gang start pick pocketing the crowd.
4 It’s a Trap The PC’s hear a woman crying for help down a dark alley, a menacing troll standing over her. If the PCs intervene they quickly discover the woman and troll are in cahoots with each other as they turn on the PCs. Observant PCs will be able to identify the gold and yellow colours of the Cutters on the woman’s and troll’s clothing.
5  Initiation A young kid whose only hope of surviving the streets is to join a gang is in the final stages of getting membership. Her last task is to steal the commlink off one of the PCs.
6  Kidnapped The PC’s hear a woman crying for help down a dark alley. If the PCs investigate they find several Ancient gang members administering laes to the woman. They intend to take her back to the Seattle docks to trade with the Vory for weapons.
7 High Life A group of corporate brats have formed a group to live out their dreams of being a ganger. Seeing a chance to have some fun they ambush the characters and try to take their stuff. Many of the “gang” won’t survive if violence breaks out but they’re all sons and daughters of high ranking corporate officials.
8 Help?!? A corporate executive has been slumming it down in the plastic jungle and returned home with a Ganger. The Ganger is seriously out of his comfort zone and unsure if he should rob the exec on his way out or make a good impression so he called the PCs asking for some dating advice.

This random gang encounter table is designed to be used with the encounter tables and the neighborhood tables (e.g. Z Security rating -2, AAA Security rating +2) found in Mr Johnson’s Black Book, a sourcebook for Shadowrun Third Edition.

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