Mob Mentality

November 4, 2015 - Random Tables, Threats
Mob Mentality

Mobs present a unique hazard to shadowrunners as they are a large crowd of angry, but ultimately regular semi-innocent people. Your local pharmacist, the kind old lady across the street, the guy that bought you a drink once, all could be part of an angry mob. It’s not an obstacle that you can just brute force your way through without gaining some serious notoriety. Often when a mob shows up the media is close on their heels, and a runner that decides to respond with violence might only incite further rioting in the coming weeks. Of course maybe your job is to deal with the mob, in which case you better hope you’ve got some non-lethal crowd control.

A mob is ultimately a collective mind where majority dictates their next actions, they usually have a leader who happens to be either the loudest or most eloquent of the mob. When resisting intimidation, or attempting to convince someone to join use the leader’s dice pools with modifiers for outnumbering their opponents. Here are some examples of mobs that might be encountered.

Sports Hooligans

Violent and drunk, sports hooligans are looking for property damage more than actual blood. They are generally unarmed with the exception of some improvised weapons. Just don’t get caught wearing the other team’s color. They won’t kill you but it’s not worth the broken ribs and turned over car. These mobs will usually disperse once the police appear. They are always intoxicated, and you can use the stats for guys in a bar fight as well

1 Unarmed
2 Chair
3 Bottle
4 Broken Bottle
5 Club
6 Knife


Political activists out in force, these crowds do not pose any actual physical threat but are obstacles in other ways. They block off streets, attempt to debate with pedestrians, and might cause some minor property damage. Of all the mobs listed they often have the largest numbers and can cause traffic jams for miles. They will remain even after the police show up, daring the police to strike first. Whilst they might endure a few nonlethal police attacks they will scatter the moment there is a gunshot. These crowds are almost always unarmed.

1 Unarmed
2 Pistol
3 Molotov Cocktails
4 Riot Shield
5 Placard
6 Baseball Bat


Angry Mob (Rural)

Classic pitchfork and torches mob, often consisting of CAS or Humanis members. The rural mob can be whipped up in an instant, whether it’s because that there metahuman was eyeballin my daughter or they just don’t like you city slickers. These folks all know each other and are extremely xenophobic, they will likely see any runner as a target just for being an outsider. The rural mob is out to hang, but will back down against particularly well armed individuals or the police (assuming the local law aren’t part of the mob).

1 Unarmed
2 Improvised Weapon (Farm implement)
3 Club
4 Revolver
5 Shotgun
6 Hunting Rifle

Angry Mob (Third World)

This mob varies widely in causes, maybe it’s an Islamic call for a public stoning or maybe it’s a violent protest against an election fraud in Ukraine. These mobs are out for blood and well armed as well, often toting AK 97s or hunting rifles. These mobs usually require local military interference, which never ends well. Their beef is with the government or an individual so most runners can avoid their wrath, just don’t get caught in the firefight.

1 Unarmed
2 Pistol
3 Molotov Cocktails
4 Hunting Rifle
5 AK 97
6 Aztechnology Striker (single shot rocket launcher)

Angry Mob (Urban)

Some famous examples include the metahuman riots and Harlem riots. Unlike the other two angry mobs these ones are a reaction to a violent act against their group. They will target anyone that looks like they are of a higher class than them. They will even fight the police, but not for very long if they sustain casualties. Runners should be able to avoid or even blend in with these mobs as long as they aren’t wearing a suit or police uniform.

1 Improvised weapon (broken bottle, chain)
2 Club
3 Knife
4 Pistol
5 Machine Pistol
6 Shotgun

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