Tacoma Wreckers

December 3, 2018 - Locations, Shadowrun 5E
Tacoma Wreckers

Tacoma Wreckers, one of Tacoma’s many scrapyards, is enclosed by a graffiti covered wall topped with broken glass and razor wire. Wall-mounted security cameras constantly scan the streets for threats. A heavy steel gate emboldened with “Elves not Welcome” graffiti stands guard against trespassers. Beyond the gate, a crane stands vigil over the heaped mounds of dead, discarded cars. Several large motorcycles are lined up outside the scrapyard’s office.

The Job

The PCs are asked by a member of the Ancients motorcycle club to retrieve his friend’s jacket after his friend was captured earilier that night. The Ancient biker knows his friend hasn’t made it but can’t let his friend’s colours be taken as a trophy.

On the Scene

Tacoma Wreckers is one of the Spike’s many Tacoma clubhouses and when the PCs arrive the gang members have just returned victorious from capturing the Ancients biker and are celebrating with some axe throwing, nitro and whiskey.


The Yard
The mounds of discarded cars offer good concealment from Cliff, the club’s newest pledge and Cinnamon, the yard’s hellhound. Both are on patrol,  albeit begrudgingly, while the others party.

The Crane
The crane provides full line of sight against anyone outside the office. It also provides a good vantage point to several other nearby buildings. 
The crane can be manually or remotely piloted and in the event of a serious attack Nelson, the gang’s rigger will use the attached claw to drop scrap on the attackers. 

The Office
The office consists of 2 rooms, a foyer and breakroom. The foyer has been set up for legitimate business with a counter and several chairs. The breakroom is quite large and is able to comfortably seat 10 trolls.

The PCs will find the Ancients ganger’s dead body pinned to the breakroom wall with railway spikes and several hatchets lodged in his chest. His ears have been cut off and now hang around Rosco’s neck on a crude chain.

If the PCs don’t disturb the gangers, they will find Rosco, Ray, Nelson, Billy, and Abe partying here with Clara and Allie – 2 Ork prostitutes from the local Yakuza brothel.


Troll Biker

944104423606 + 1d6S10, P14

Armor: Armor Jacket (12)
Primary Attack: Short-barrelled Defiance T-250 (9P-1)
Qualities: Guts, Prejudiced (Elves)
Skills: Longarms 3, Blades 3, Unarmed 3, Automatics 1, Etiquette (Street) 3, Intimidation 5, Perception 2, Sneaking 2
Gear: Short-Barrelled Definance T-250, Armor Jacket, Commlink (Rating: 2), Nitro, Harley Scorpion




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