d666 Electronic Subsidiaries
Tacoma Wreckers
Tacoma Wreckers, one of Tacoma’s many scrapyards, is enclosed by a graffiti covered wall topped with broken glass and razor wire. Wall-mounted [...]
d666 Car Manufacturer Subsidiaries
Ever need to know what ride that wageslave was driving?
3D6 Kurt Russell Cues
3D6 Kurt Russell quotes to use as cues for Shadowrun Anarchy Edition.
The Sniper
Able to inflict deadly wounds from long distances, the sniper is a potent adversary. A lone sniper will wound first in order to force his targets attention [...]
More Shadowrunner handles than you will ever need
If you’re struggling to find a handle for your Shadowrunner then you could do a lot worse than find inspiration from 80’s cartoons. Below is an [...]
Knight Errant Police Patrol
Contracted by the city of  Seattle to protect and serve, the Knight Errant Police Patrol is most commonly encountered by the public. The patrol officers [...]
Random Gang Encounters
Random gang encounters for Shadowrun, the role playing game.
Humanis Policlub
Card carrying members of Humanis’ Barrens chapter, at night Junior’s group roam the streets looking to beat on any groups of metahumans they [...]
Random Police Encounters
Random encounters with Knight Errant, a contracted police force for Shadowrun, the role playing game.