Actual Play

5th Edition Food Fight
It has been difficult to get a game of Shadowrun together because the group has been occupied with other things. Fortunately (barring server room [...]
After a two hour character generation session it was time to play. I forget what the job was but the players decided that their first stop would be a [...]
The game that killed a 3 year campaign
Another post collecting my contributions to the Shadowrun community over the years. One of the most memorable games I have GM’ed was in response to [...]
Gang War
I’m in the process of collecting together my contributions to the Shadowrun community over the years. More to have my ideas and notes in one place [...]
When Sandbox play leads to campaign death.
Last week’s game signalled the end of our current Shadowrun camapaign. What ended our campaign was the shifting ideas about what the game should be [...]
First Game Retrospective
A look back on the end of our first game and the things I would of done differently. This was one of the better games of Shadowrun I’ve been part of. [...]
The Rule of Three
One of the fundamental rules behind the games I run is the rule of three – Two opposing characters and a third, undecided character. The opposing [...]