Character Creation

More Shadowrunner handles than you will ever need
If you’re struggling to find a handle for your Shadowrunner then you could do a lot worse than find inspiration from 80’s cartoons. Below is an [...]
SR5 Character Creation
One of the ways I determine a good roleplaying game from a bad one is how inviting the character sheet is. If the sheet is complex or overly pretty without [...]
NPCs and the Sandbox
The defining element of a Shadowrun sandbox is the NPCs who inhabit the game world. I’m not referring to the nameless wageslaves and corporate guards [...]
Old School Gear Kit
This gear kit is what we used to roll with back in 2E. Apart from archetype specific gear (decks, wired reflexes, foci, etc) this was all we needed to [...]
Tech-Noir Character Creation
The core rules create shadowrunners that a capable protagonists. They are better than the average man and if the player chooses to specialize, [...]