Every Sandbox needs a Villian
With the upcoming release of the 5th edition of Shadowrun I have been discussing the possibility of starting a new campaign with my players and consensus [...]
4E Investigative Reporting Rules
One of the characters in my campaign is an investigative reporter and we’ve been using an ad-hoc system to cover the stories he reports. To better support [...]
Branding in Shadowrun
In the cyberpunk genre where style is more important than substance the issue of branding is paramount. However as we move through the Shadowrun gear [...]
Safe Deposit Boxes in 2072
Tonight I’m going to run a game based on the Jason Stratham movie The Bank Job. In the movie Stratham robs a local bank intending to steal millions [...]
Relationship mapping my game
I’ve spoken about how important NPCs are in a sandbox game before and I’ve been wanting to map out the relationships between my campaign’s characters for a [...]
NPCs and the Sandbox
The defining element of a Shadowrun sandbox is the NPCs who inhabit the game world. I’m not referring to the nameless wageslaves and corporate guards [...]
The Rule of Three
One of the fundamental rules behind the games I run is the rule of three – Two opposing characters and a third, undecided character. The opposing [...]
The Argus Grand Hotel
Located in downtown Seattle, the Argus Grand Hotel is subtle yet luxuriously sleek—the hotel design is a mix of clean classic lines with bold punctuations [...]