Friends and Foes

The Sniper
Able to inflict deadly wounds from long distances, the sniper is a potent adversary. A lone sniper will wound first in order to force his targets attention [...]
Mob Mentality
Mobs present a unique hazard to shadowrunners as they are a large crowd of angry, but ultimately regular semi-innocent people. Your local pharmacist, the [...]
Knight Errant Police Patrol
Contracted by the city of  Seattle to protect and serve, the Knight Errant Police Patrol is most commonly encountered by the public. The patrol officers [...]
Humanis Policlub
Card carrying members of Humanis’ Barrens chapter, at night Junior’s group roam the streets looking to beat on any groups of metahumans they [...]
Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll
A Porn Star, a Drug Addict and a Rockergirl, 3 non-player characters for Shadowrun.
To Kill a Security Guard
I’m the kind of GM who never likes telling their players how to play their characters. As the years have gone on though, I find that usually, [...]
The Disassemblers
The Disassemblers are professional organleggers, running illegal chop shops, stealing and moving body parts from clinics and even capturing people to sell [...]
Relationship mapping my game
I’ve spoken about how important NPCs are in a sandbox game before and I’ve been wanting to map out the relationships between my campaign’s characters for a [...]
NPCs and the Sandbox
The defining element of a Shadowrun sandbox is the NPCs who inhabit the game world. I’m not referring to the nameless wageslaves and corporate guards [...]
Tokyo Carmen
Tokyo Carmen is a Dryad Madam who runs a Yakusa owned bunraku parlor and opium den in Seattle. She can provide Joygirls/boys, Information, Private Meeting [...]