Random Tables

d666 Electronic Subsidiaries
d666 Car Manufacturer Subsidiaries
Ever need to know what ride that wageslave was driving?
3D6 Kurt Russell Cues
3D6 Kurt Russell quotes to use as cues for Shadowrun Anarchy Edition.
Mob Mentality
Mobs present a unique hazard to shadowrunners as they are a large crowd of angry, but ultimately regular semi-innocent people. Your local pharmacist, the [...]
Random Gang Encounters
Random gang encounters for Shadowrun, the role playing game.
Random Police Encounters
Random encounters with Knight Errant, a contracted police force for Shadowrun, the role playing game.
6th World Languages
In the sixth world people are less defined by their place of birth and more by their sub-species and the corporation they work for. Coupled with a [...]
Random Table – Cars
Roll 1D6 1 – 4: Table 1 5 – 6: Table 2 Table 1: Roll D66 11. Mitsubishi Shadow (Sports Car) 12. Peugeot RM780 (Sports Car) 13. Chrysler -Nissan [...]
Random Table – Bikes
Roll D66. 11. Thundercloud Pinto (Trike) 12. Jeep Rover (Trike) 13. ELIC Veldt (Trike) 14. Nissan Tornado (Trike) 15. BMW Blitzen (Chopper) 16. Yamaha [...]
Branding in Shadowrun
In the cyberpunk genre where style is more important than substance the issue of branding is paramount. However as we move through the Shadowrun gear [...]