Shadowrun 5E

Tacoma Wreckers
Tacoma Wreckers, one of Tacoma’s many scrapyards, is enclosed by a graffiti covered wall topped with broken glass and razor wire. Wall-mounted [...]
Humanis Policlub
Card carrying members of Humanis’ Barrens chapter, at night Junior’s group roam the streets looking to beat on any groups of metahumans they [...]
Combat Narrative
A previous post started a discussion of the complexity inherent in Shadowrun that isn’t found in other games. In particular the attack action and the [...]
5th Edition Food Fight
It has been difficult to get a game of Shadowrun together because the group has been occupied with other things. Fortunately (barring server room [...]
SR5 Character Creation
One of the ways I determine a good roleplaying game from a bad one is how inviting the character sheet is. If the sheet is complex or overly pretty without [...]
Why I’m getting 5th Edition
I was asked why I was picking up the new edition of Shadowrun when I’ve already invested heavily into 4th edition. While I do believe there isn’t a [...]
Pricing the Job, Sandbox Style
One of the often debated aspects of Shadowrun is how much a successful run is worth. If you play by the book then it’s it is more profitable to steal [...]
Random Table – Bikes
Roll D66. 11. Thundercloud Pinto (Trike) 12. Jeep Rover (Trike) 13. ELIC Veldt (Trike) 14. Nissan Tornado (Trike) 15. BMW Blitzen (Chopper) 16. Yamaha [...]
Shadowrun 5E – Speculation
Early in 2012 I suggested that Cataylst needed to capitalize on the end of the Mayan calendar and the significance this has in Shadowrun. In particular I [...]