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Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll
A Porn Star, a Drug Addict and a Rockergirl, 3 non-player characters for Shadowrun.
Delivery Woes
My wife pre-ordered the Shadowrun 5 core book for my birthday (23/5) and I’m still waiting for it to be delivered by Amazon. Amazon has advised me [...]
Christmas Plans
Leading up to Christmas the group traditionally gets tied up in family commitments so we end up missing games. In the past this has resulted in people [...]
My RPG Profile
Zak’s posted the idea of an rpg profile that would give people an idea of who you are and what you’re about in the RPG world. Here’s [...]
Combat Narrative
A previous post started a discussion of the complexity inherent in Shadowrun that isn’t found in other games. In particular the attack action and the [...]
Secret Santicore 2013
I have signed up for Secret Santicore 2013, an annual community project where GMs and players request new RPG content and in return fulfill another random [...]
5th Edition Food Fight
It has been difficult to get a game of Shadowrun together because the group has been occupied with other things. Fortunately (barring server room [...]
SR5 Character Creation
One of the ways I determine a good roleplaying game from a bad one is how inviting the character sheet is. If the sheet is complex or overly pretty without [...]
After a two hour character generation session it was time to play. I forget what the job was but the players decided that their first stop would be a [...]
Dapper Devil Ammo Tokens
A few months ago I purchased 150 pistol ammo tokens from Dapper Devil and immediately my group got conscious of the impact shooting people had and [...]