First Game Retrospective

October 8, 2011 - Actual Play

A look back on the end of our first game and the things I would of done differently. This was one of the better games of Shadowrun I’ve been part of. The limited pool of BP has meant I didn’t have to engineer the NPCs to be competent foes, instead I can just pick some dice (Average guy: 3 dice, Trained ability 3 dice) and roll. Bonus points for a car chase with a full fledged negotiation and melee happening in the back of one of the vehicles.

The Game

Continuing the “Misery is the Rhyme of the World” game, the players were betrayed by Alice when she staged a double cross during the data hand off. Her ruse would of worked if the PCs hadn’t of picked her up before they sped after the buyer. Instead, a combat and then a negotiation broke out in  back of the rigger’s van when the PCs discovered Alice’s bulletproof vest and liberal application of pig’s blood. Whilst this was playing out, the rigger was trying to keep pace with the cadillac and begging for someone to take the wheel so he could hack the cadillac instead.  With no assistance for the rigger it wasn’t long before the cadillac got away and the PCs were forced to deal with Alice to get their due.

A new deal with the PCs and Alice was dropped off at her place and left to her own devices. Contacting Maverick Henderson, the buyer in the black cadillac to arrange payment,  she was unaware her commlink had been tapped and a mage was astrally perceiving her hurriedly packing her bag. Unfortunately for the PCs the call ended before they could get a fix on Maverick’s location. Luckily, a quick data search showed Maverick had won some poker tournaments at the Gate’s Casino and the PCs raced there.

Upon arrival the PCs ditched their weapons except for a ceramic knife and begun canvassing the crowd for Maverick. They spotted him shaking hands with an obvious Mr J before sitting down at a poker table. Mr J and Maverick began to transfer the data and were playing poker to facilitate a payoff, when Alice strolled in obviously concealing a large gun. Immediately, the PCs headed Alice off and she made her way to the promenade before being confronted.

Unfortunately, for Maverick by this time his deal had completed and he was heading to the promenade as well and before he knew it Alice was unloading an Uzi in his direction, cutting down several innocent bystanders. Fleeing he made it safely to his room but not before unloading a lightning bolt into Alice. The PCs took Alice back to the van and begun to revive her while the mage projected into the casino searching for Maverick’s room.

Having found Maverick and made their way past the police the PCs confronted him but were offered a deal instead – 10,000 nuyen in chips and vial of Laes, enough to make Alice forget the last 3 days. Not sure of Maverick’s agenda but seeing a profitable way out of the mess the PCs agreed and quickly went to task.

Alice has forgotten the last three days and is dealing with severe burns to her chest. She still harbors a desire to escape her life but doesn’t have the means anymore to facilitate it. Monty has got his girl back but because of her injuries she can’t attract the prices and more importantly, the clients he needs her too. He’s currently on the look out for some one to take her place. Maverick got paid but realizes he’s been brought into the mix and is keeping an eye on the PCs. Mr J, he’s a level above all of this and hasn’t been touched.

New NPCs

Maverick Henderson, Card Shark, Maverick has managed to keep his magic ability secret from the public despite winning several notable poker tournaments. In the shadows he’s known as a low level data broker, often facilitating his deals through the Gates Casino where the security is already provided. He is often driven around town in his custom black cadillac with a bejeweled hood ornament of 4 fanned aces.

What I would of done different

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